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Peter Umrath

Born 1958 in Heidenheim, Germany
Board member of the Kunstverein Bad Aibling ( art association )
Founder member of the art group gruppe4wasser (group4water)
Teaches children and adults in the Kinder und Jugendkunstschule Bad Aibling (children and youth art school)

In the early years (1985-88) my art was influenced by realistic surrealists. Oils and drawings that captured histrionic scenes with sceneries that anticipated my present landscape art works. A short excursion to abstraction (1988/89) followed. However I was also looking for material coherences like shadow and light, correlations regarding space and depths resembling skies. Therefore I let find my paintings and drawings their own way through misty, cloudy and sometimes amorphous worlds until they reached the nature-orientated representation that they still kept until today.
What inspires me most in landscape art is this specific, mostly coincidental moment that keeps me still for a second and in this moment I think I could get a deeper sense of what lies beneath. Clouds moving overhead, waves on the beach, a certain light on leaves and sometimes a glimpse at people around me trigger this impulse in me.
I find my artistic role models rather in 18th and 19th landscape artists than in today's art world. And still I paint my pictures without euphemizing and idealising. It is not the spectacular that is important to me, it is the for example the often seen meadow that seems totally different when light changes.
Capturing the moment is more important than a true-to-detail reproduction of nature. In addition to landscape art in my preferred size of 80x100 cm I went in with small fomats and miniatures (appr. 10x10 until 12x16 cm) showing landscape but also still lifes, portraits and scenes from every day life
Since the beginning of 2008 a new series of pictures with motives of architecture comes to existence. As with my other works the spontaneous glimpse here is vital, too.
The scene is represented the same way I found it. If a car or a container "stands in the way" it is non-the-less a part of the picture just as the actual object.
In quiet moments I attend to sculptural art as an antipole to painting. Animal- and humanlike figures emerge from wood and stone.

Exhibitions (selected):

1986   Linea Rosenheim
1987   Galerie Couleur Rosenheim
1987   Landesgirokasse Heidenheim
1994   Galerie Team 13 Rosenheim
1995   Amadeus Kooperation mit Theater Rosemble
1995   Gewalt Bühne im Lokschuppen Rosenheim
1996   Galerie Vision Tendue Rosenheim
1996   Arte Multi Vision Rieti Italien
1997   Hand in Hand Städtisches Museum Rosenheim
1999   Kunst ensteht Bad Aibling Installation
2000   Gottesbilder St. Nikolaus Rosenheim
2002   Kunstvereint Schloß Hartmannsberg Installation
2004   Städtisches Museum Rosenheim
2005   Kunstverein Bad Aibling
2005   3. Bijenale Minijature Bosnien Herzegowina
2008   Städtisches Museum Rosenheim
2008   Insellicht, Fraueninsel, Chiemsee


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